3 Crucial Tactics for Google Ads That You Probably Never Heard About

3 Crucial Tactics for Google Ads That You Probably Never Heard About

Google Ads, better know as Google Adwords, is a monster in the advertising arena. Most people and business owners Know they have to be on Google one way or another but are scared to try and tackle the beast. I am going to give you 3 Crucial Tactics for Google Ads That You Never Heard About. 

First let’s talk about how Google Ads works and the best way to utilize their platform.  There are 6 different campaigns you can start, but I’ll cover the Main 4 and they are all depend on the industry that you work in.

Types of Google Ad Campaigns

First is the Search Campaign. This campaign is the one I honestly use the most because this is what gets you in the top results. Like this…

The second type is Display. If you have ever wondered how companies follow you around the internet once you visit their website, this is how it is done. Google has a HUGE network of blogs and website that you can advertise on. You have probably heard of part of their network, Google Adsense. 

Yes, the same site you can get paid for monetizing your website, you can also run ads too from Google Ads. They also have a lot of other networks that they work with that include RTB (Real Time Bidding) which I may make a blog post about one day. But this is basically how big time companies make their bidding and get it at a wholesale price. Here is what display ad looks like…

Shopping ads are probably one of the most underlooked campaign in Google but that is only because you actually have to have a store with your inventory synced with Google in a merchant account. 

But let me tell you, I used to own a online jewelry store and I used to get .01 Clicks on Google NO B.S.!!! The only reason that business failed is because a business partner I had at the time did not take my advice and the business tanked. But that is on my to do list of businesses I will be starting very shortly. Here is an example of a Google Shopping Ad…

Video Campaigns are how you get on youtube. The set up is fairly simple. You can either bid by keyword or by getting on the start of other peoples videos. I’m pretty sure we have all seen a Youtube ad and there are six different ones you can use. Non-skippable in-stream, Drive conversions, Ad sequence, Shopping, Outstream And Custom video campaign.

3 Crucial Tactics for Google Ads

Now for the good part! Let’s dive into what you need to do to get the best outcome for your ads. Not every business is the same so not every campaign is used. For example, I work with a nursing school and after testing retargeting, the cost was not worth the conversions. I know it sounds crazy right! Most people will tell you that retargeting works but that is not necessarily true for every business.  So here are my 3 Crucial Tactics for Google Ads.

#1 Use Conversion Ads

Conversion ads are the best ads to use when it comes to getting the best bang for your buck. You know what your profit margin is for each product or service, so you know how much you can spend to acquire a lead, as well as make a sale. The only hard part about this is setting up the conversion codes to put on your website.

Once you have everything set up correctly is when the magic starts to work. Google then starts to learn what kind of traffic to send to your website by the types of conversions you start to make. This is why setting up your code so everything is tracked correctly is so important. 

Then once you have enough data, Google know who is most likely to convert. With this Tactic for Google Ads, I’ve seen leads double for a company by just using Conversions. 

#2 Call Campaigns

Call campaigns are kind of a hidden gem inside of Google but as you seen from above it is not a listed campaign. It is actually a part of the Search campaign and can be used to drive tons of calls to any business. Not only that, most calls can be generated between $2.50 – $5.00 per call!

I don’t know about you but most companies only want phone calls to talk to  interested prospects. Get your ads right and you can be driving phone calls today to your business. The best part is Google provides you with call tracking so you know how many phone calls you are receiving and the cost per call.

#3 Use Negative Keywords And Locations

Negative keywords are usually overlooked but can save you a bunch of money on wasted keyword clicks. Wordstram pointed this out to me some years ago when using their software. 

I found that I was wasting money on a lot of keywords that had nothing to do with the business. After adding the negative keywords a lot of the keywords I wanted targeted started showing up in the search results a lot more. Here is how you add negative Keywords in Google Ads…

The next thing you need to check is your locations. You’d be amazed at the cities that a company will show up for if you do not tell Google where NOT to show your ads. 

The best option to use is the radius option so that you can set the area by miles. Then add the cities that are just outside your area just to make sure that you do not show up in those locations. This can save you a lot of ad spend as well and get the customers you in your city. Here is how to exclude the locations you do not want…

These are the 3 Crucial Tactics for Google Ads That You Probably Never Heard About, that if applied, can bring more sales and leads to your business. Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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