Let Me Help You Grow Your Business.

Welcome to my website and thanks for taking your time to read my blog. My name is Lance Hudgins and I started my journey of online marketing 12 years ago after breaking my back due to a roofing accident. So, Here is a little background information on me.

I Live in San Diego California with my oldest son. I was once married in my early 20’s and had 3 beautiful kids,2 boys and a girl. Unfortunately my marriage did not work out and we both agreed on a divorce after 5 years of marriage. I have my oldest son. My daughter and son live with their mother.

I did construction most of my life and found a roofing job. I was on a roof with no harness like a dumbass and slipped off the roof crushing my L1 and T12 almost paralyzing me. After a couple of months in a half body cast, I got my surgery with a very good doctor.

Getting Back On My Feet….Literally

After only getting 8 weeks( It was supposed to be 16) of physical therapy after my surgery, thanks to workers comp, I did the program called P90X. I feel to this day that program is what saved me from being crippled. My best friend would laugh at me but encourage me to keep going and I went from barely being able to hold myself up, to somewhat sitting up straight. I mean come on the chairs throughout school made you slouch anyway.

Before I broke my back I was in a Electrical Engineering program at ITT tech. I stood in the back of class with my half body cast but after my surgery I had to drop out. But I did go back 2 years later and got my associates degree in Computer Science And Electrical Engineering. But that is also when I learned about internet marketing. I was on unemployment and workers comp with all three of my kids. Ya somehow I ended up with all three of my kids again. Not being able to work and uncertain on if I chose the right career path I looked up making money online.

The Journey

And here I am, 12 years later, working with a nursing school. I built all their websites,landing pages, funnels, and online payments. I run all their marketing including Google ads, Facebook Ads and Indeed ads. And I’ve built all of their online programs. It is a very satisfying field to be in when you see students lives changed after taking a program and getting a license. But my big takeaway is being able to grow the businesses income after being stuck and not being able to grow. I still have new online programs to build as the business continues to grow.

I have dabbled in just about everything in internet marketing from creating my own products (My first one was called Hangout Supremacy), Ecom, Amazon ebooks (that still bring me money till this day) and local marketing. Most of my post on this website will either be on tips and tricks that I have learned over the years, products and software that I personally use or recommend. And to answer any questions you might have.

Need Help?

We all get stuck sometime and it’s nice to have someone to talk to. There is a live chat on this page if you would like to talk with me. Just leave your name, email and phone number(if you want text messages)