Covid-19 The Effects on Business

Covid-19 – The Effects On Businesses Could Be Disastrous

Covid-19 is one of the most deadly viruses the world has seen, taking the whole world by storm. The effects on businesses and everyday life is really starting to take a toll. And it really makes me wonder if life will ever be the same after this pandemic.

The one thing I am witnesses is the closing of businesses around the USA with social distancing and lock downs being put in place. Don’t get me wrong, what President Trump did was necessary to take hold of this virus. I mean think about it, Trump is one of the biggest hotel owners in the world, so this is hurting him just as much.

The Effects On Business

But here in California, our Governor is saying business is shut down indefinitely. So you mean to tell me that California is closed for business for good? I don’t like when our officials use fear mongering to get what they want. To say that businesses will NEVER open back up is just ridiculous. I think things could be handled differently for small business. 

Not operating for 2 months can destroy a small business and I am sorry but the “Stimulus Package” did NOT cover all small business. Only if you live in a certain city in your county. For example, here in San Diego, If your business did not reside in San Diego City or Chula Vista, then you did not qualify for the loan/grant. The effects on business all around our nation is still unforscene.

That leaves the whole country on unemployment. I don’t know if you have ever applied for unemployment before, but it takes up to 6 to 8 weeks just to receive a check. And that was when everyone was working. Just last week alone 3.3 MILLION people applied for unemployment. And this week is projected to be double that! There is NO WAY anyone is going to get the money fast enough to pay bills and take care of their family. And to boot, once you do get a check, we will most likely be back to work.

Covid-19 Will Affect Our Nursing Homes

I want to touch on one point that is really going to affect the healthcare industry and NO ONE is even talking about. I understand, most people don’t work with nurses or nursing homes unless you have a relative that is in one, so you have no idea. I work with a nursing school who trains CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistants) that work in the nursing homes. 

All private and public schools have been shut down and cannot train nurses right now when they are needed the most! For part of their training, their students go to the nursing homes for hands on experience. The nursing facilities love having the students because it really helps them out especially when they are short staffed.

With no new nurses being trained and in rotation, the nursing homes will not have the help that is needed, especially right now when they are needed the most. The schools students have said since the Covid-19 Outbreak, they are sometimes the only nurses at the nursing homes helping out!

This is going to hurt our older population rather than helping them. And with nursing homes reaching out to nursing schools pleading for help, this is only going to get worse, unless the governor puts some exemptions for some businesses.


The effects on business Covid-19 will have on the world is still uncertain. Who would ever think that when we have the lowest unemployment rates in over 50 years and a booming economy, that everything would come to a screeching halt. I really believe that America will come out of this stronger and more united. I just hope that we can get back to business in May and get the USA economy back to where it was.

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